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Provincial Grand Senatus of Sussex

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East Sussex Consistory No 59 (T.I.)

Re-Consecrated: 21st July 2010

Meeting Dates

Meets in St Leonards on
4th Monday February (installation)
4th Monday May
4th Monday September

Meeting Location

Masonic Hall
East Ascent
St Leonards-on-Sea
East Sussex
TN38 0DS


Dist.Comp. Michael Chambers, IV
Tel: 01424 441441

Officers at Inst 2016
Dist.Comp. Alan Borer, III, ProvGLec President
Em.Comp. Colin Cochran, III, Primus of Lectores
Em.Comp. John D. Phillips, III, DepProvGDC Primus of Ostiarii
R.Dist.Comp. Vic Wisden, V, PProvGSum Episcopus
Dist.Comp. John Fuller, III, ProvGLec Treasurer
Dist.Comp. Robert Chrystie, IV, PGSwdB, ProvGDC Registrar
Dist.Comp. Michael Chambers, IV, GStwd, AsstProvGDC Recorder
Dist.Comp.Ian A. Duncan, V, PGSwdB, AsstProvGSum Director of Ceremonies
Em.Comp. Richard G.C. Thornton, III Lecturer 1
Em.Comp. Alan C. Hobden, III, ProvGStwd Lecturer 2
Comp. Colin Hartley, III,Lecturer 3
Em.Comp. Ronald W. Collins, III, ProvGStwd Lecturer 4
Dist.Comp. Robert Chrystie, IV, PGSwdB, ProvGDC Assistant Director of Ceremonies
Comp. vacant Organist
Em.Comp. David A. Currell, III Herald
Em.Comp. Christopher B. Potter, II Guarder
Em.Comp. Ivan P. Biddle, III Watchman
Dist.Comp. John Fuller, III, ProvGLec IPP

News and Events

Report of the extraordinary meeting of East Sussex Consistory No.59 T.I. held on 26th November 2016

The President Dist. Comp. Alan Borer opened the meeting and displayed the Warrant.The President then asked the Companions to stand in memory of R, Dist. Comp. Victor Alan Wisden who had passed to the Grand Consistory above. The Recorder was the asked to read the dispensation which had been granted for this extraordinary meeting by the Provincial Grand Summus, R. Dist. Comp. Michael Peter Conn.

The Provincial Grand Summus, then occupied the President's chair and the Consistory was opened in the 2nd and 3rd grades.

The Candidates were then questioned by the Provincial Grand Officers, and the Lecturers were also carried out by the Provincial Grand Officers in an exemplary manner.

The Provincial Grand Summus then congratulated the Candidates on receiving their Qualification to occupy the Presidency of a Consistory.

The Following Companions, who had taken part in the Preparation Ceremony now hold the rank of Eminent Companion:-

Em. Comp. Ronald William Collins, Em. Comp. Eyo Nkune, Em. Comp Alan Charles Hobden, Em. Comp Richard George Clerke Thornton, Em. Comp Paul Damian Swarbrick, Em. Comp Andries Van der Burgh, Em Comp Norman Grant, Em Comp.Robin Jupe, Em Comp.David Willmott No.4(Surrey)

Sent by Dist. Comp. Mick Chambers

Posted 28/01/17

Report of the meeting of East Sussex Consistory No.59TI held on 18th October 2016

The President Dist. Comp. Alan Borer opened the meeting, and displayed the Warrant. R.Dist Comp. M.P.Conn the Provincial Grand Summus was announced and entered the Consistory. He was welcomed by the President and saluted with 7 times 2 and 2, and replied saying how pleased he was to be attending the Consistory. The Minutes of the meeting held on the 18th April 2016 were confirmed by the Brethren and signed by the President.

Companion Ron Guest was obligated, entrusted and Invested as a Lector in the Second Grade of the Order in a very competent manner. The Lecturers performed their several Lectures in a very competent manner which told the story of the Grade in a very understandable manner.

A discussion then took place with regard to the changing of the Dates of meetings in order that the Consistory could meet on a different day from the OSM Conclave thus enabling the Scarlet Cord Consistory to progress with it’s own Festive Board and Toasts and at a time which would be much more convenient to the members. A great deal of work had been done on behalf of the Conclave by several members and after much deliberation it was decided to recommend the following dates to the Members:

4th Monday in February (Installation)

4th Monday in May

4th Monday in September

This proposition was put to the Brethren and passed unanimously.

It was also decided that the By-laws of the Consistory would of course require altering to enter these dates and also a few other changes were to implemented. This was left in the hands of the Secretary.

There was no further business put before the Consistory and the meeting was closed in perfect harmony.

Sent by R.Dist.Comp. Vic Wisden

Posted 27/10/16

The Consistory held their Installation meeting on Tuesday the 19th April 2016 at the St Leonards Masonic Hall, East Ascent, St.Leonards-on-Sea. The Provincial Grand Summus Michael Conn was welcomed by the President Dist.Comp. John Fuller and saluted with seven times 2 x 2 to which he responded. Dist. Comp. Alan Borer was installed as President by Dist.Com. John Fuller in a very efficient manner. He then invested the following Companions as his Officers as above.

The Accounts were presented by the Treasurer and passed by the Companions. The Provincial Grand Summus spoke about the intention of the Consistory to move away from holding their meetings before the Secret Monitor Meeting which meant that many Companions were unable to attend because the meetings had to held early in the afternoon as so those who worked found it difficult to attend. We were told that an arrangement had been achieved with the Masonic Hall to prevent a large increase in fees due to the meetings of Scarlet Cord and OSM were to be held on different days. The meeting was closed and most of the Companions went on to attend the Secret Monitor Meeting which followed.

Sent by R.Dist.Comp. Vic Wisden

Posted 28/04/16

At our meeting on 20th October 2015, our President carried out a Third Grade ceremony, for three companions in a very exemplary many. These companions now have the rank of Fellows and are now qualified to take their Preparation grade, will entitle to be made a President of a Consistory.

At this moment in time, we have three companions waiting to be initiated and one member waiting to take his third Grade.

For more information on the Scarlet Cord Degree you can get in touch with me using the following information.

Michael Chambers ( Conclave Recorder )

21 Park view Hastings East Sussex TN34 2HE

Telephone No 01424 441441.


Posted 27/11/15

At the meeting of East Sussex Consistory No. 59TI held yesterday 21st April 2015 the Provincial Grand Summus R.Dist.Comp Victor Alan Wisden announced that he would retire from that office at the end of the year and that his successor would be Dist.Comp. Mike Conn who would be invested by the Grand Summus probably in early December 2015. The Provincial Grand Summus thanked the Companions for the support he had received during his tenure of the office and said how much he had enjoyed the last five years since the inception of the Order. He wished his successor Dist Comp Mike Conn all the best for the future.

Posted 22/04/15

This Consistory was set up in the East of the Province, and meets at the Masonic Centre at the Masonic Hall St.Leonards - on - sea.

We are very lucky to have the Head and the Deputy of this Order as members of our Consistory.

During 2014, at our Meeting on 21 January we Obligated, Invested and Entrusted as Ostiari( First Grade) two new Companions, Brothers Chris Potter and Colin Hartley.

At our meeting on 15 April we Obligated, Invested and Entrusted as Fellows or Healers & Exorcists (Third Grade ) Companions Ron Collins, Richard Thornton and Eyo Nkune.

At our meeting on 16 July we Obligated, Invested and Entrusted as Fellows or Healers & Exorcists (Third Grade ) Companions Ivan Biddle, Colin Cochran and David Currell.

At our meeting on 21 October we Obligated, Invested and Entrusted as Lectores (Second Grade) Companions Chris Potter and Colin Hartley.

We now have during the coming year at least a new candidate, and another 3rd Grade ceremony to perform.

If you would like any Information regarding this Order, please contact Mick Chambers on

Posted 18/01/15

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